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  • Prices calculated from material costs, size, and work hours based on detail complexity. Detailed cost estimates available on request.

  • Custom plans available to work within your budget.

  • All costs estimated before sales tax or shipping. If you need shipping, the cost will be determined by size, weight and destination.


Cavas Sizes.jpg

 Painting Commissions

Painting commission prices are based upon surface type and size, material cost, difficulty and complexity of the subject matter as well as the time invested in completing it.  These paintings are completed in the studio from one or more reference images or are completely made without references. 


Detailed price quotes are available upon request.  Just message me for details.  Take a look at some of these examples and ranges of prices to get an idea of what your commission is worth. Examples here are not representative of the entire scale of price ranges for each size available.

36x48 Anchor

36" x 48" or larger paintings ranging from $1000-3000

24x36 Anchor

24" x 36" paintings ranging from $800-1550

18x24 Anchor

18" x 24" paintings ranging from $300-800

16x20 Anchor

16" x 20" paintings ranging from $200-600

11x14 Anchor

11" x 14" paintings ranging from $75-350